About Attipas

Attipas is a manufacturer of functional toddler shoes for children from 0 to 4 years old. Established in 2004, the South Korean company (Wildcat Co., LTD) has come to success through many years of research. The Attipas shoes were released in 2011 after 7 years of research and development in collaboration with the Seoul University.

At the moment, Attipas shoes are successfully sold in over 30 countries all across the world. (LINK la pagina cu mapa) http://mylittleone.store.magecloud.net/seventh/attipas-world/

 Attipas benefits

are developed on the basis of biomechanical knowledge
mimic the natural barefoot walking
increase the strength of the foot's arch
develop the muscles and ligaments of the little foot
contribute to good posture by evenly distributing foot pressure
keep on securely like socks, but are more supportive than pre-walker shoes
have passed the Toxic test and Formaldehyde test
can be used both for indoor and outdoor activities
help brain development by improving the proprioception (awareness of where the baby is in relation to the space around him)


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